Electronic Design and Development

Torbett Design is an electronic and technology design company with hardware, firmware, software and prototyping skills based in Bristol, UK.

We are small but skilled, responsive and approachable.  We would rather guide you on a path to success than develop technology for technology’s sake.

Accelerating Success by Failing Fast

We focus on exploring the art of the possible through rapid innovation and development, we take your ideas and allow you to test them out using rapid, cost-effective prototype development. See what works, and importantly, what doesn’t. What your customers love, and what they hate.

Pressing the go button

When it’s time to develop things further we can prepare for full-cycle product development. Through our network of manufacturers, suppliers and compliance partners we can take designs to production readiness and prepare technical compliance information.

Get In Touch

email james@torbett.co.uk to see how we can help with your design.