Connected Devices & Sensors

Leading the way in Specialised Connected Solutions

Torbett Design has over 20 years of industry experience in all aspects of IoT and connected devices, from ultra low-power, deeply embedded sensors to 4G cellular data concentrators.

We specialise in:

  • Low power sensor and telemetry systems
  • Smart connected devices
  • Mesh and point-to-point communications
  • Edge computing and data conentration
  • Real-time and semi-real-time control systems

Expert Consulting

With a wide knowledgebase across Technology sectors, Torbett Design can assist with early-stage concepts and applied research, migrating these into proof-of-principle systems and prototypes rapidly if required. Some examples of what can be provided include:

  • Applied Technology Research
  • Technical Bid Assistance
  • Scoping studies
  • Proof-of-concept and experimentation

Bespoke Hardware Development

Torbett Design specialises in the design of embedded systems tailored to suit your needs. Calling upon an extensive and up-to-date design library, we can develop systems that will ensure maximum benefit. Off-the-shelf elements such as sensors, data concentrators or communication systems can be integrated as necessary.

Our in-house prototyping and batch production capability means you can be up and running with prototype systems in a matter of weeks, and seamlessly transition this to larger quantities, all without compromising quality control.

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